Quant Investing,
Finally Made Simple.
SharkSigma is an institution-grade backtesting and portfolio analytics platform that helps you see opportunities that you have not seen before. With a single integration, take your trading and investing strategy into execution with a brokerage of your choice.


How It Works
SharkSigma provides the modular components that you need to build a full-featured scalable financial product for your customers. We have brokerage integrations across multiple asset classes in exchanges across the world.
Building blocks for creating a fund
We support global market data from any REST API data vendor. Our best-in-class data store offers:

    Data ETL (Extract Transform and Load)

    Data Engineering Pipelines

    Data Cleaning

    Tick Stores

    Historical Data Stores (upto 12 years)

We support multiple asset classes across the world and are brokerage agnostic. Our supported securities across asset classes include:

    Global Equities (India, US and other geographies)

    Global ETFs

    Futures and Options



We have in-built risk management as well as order management features. This includes:

    Position sizing calculator

    Trading hours management

    Brokerage error handling (no data feed, brokerage going down and exception scenarios)

    Intelligent price management algorithm

    Level I and Level II data

Whether you are a developer or a trader, our high code/no code functionality is out there to help you build strategies customized to your trading needs.

    Developer friendly coding environment

    No-Code user interface

    Get market data modules

    Custom Indicators

    Machine learning and AI support

We have a fully fledged reporting and analytics solution to optimize as well as improve your trading strategies and risk management.

    Institution-Grade Tearsheets

    Portfolio Optimization

    Walk-forward optimization and simulations

    Market insights through instrument analyzer

    AI based trade analyzer for maximizing return to risk

We offer both fully automated as well as one-click automation available to help you get to deployment based on your geographical location.

    Brokerage adapters

    Completely automated execution

    One-Click execution support (select geographies)

    API supported web interface

    Vault based execution for high privacy

Quantitative trading has been a mystery for decades. With the rise of data driven algorithms, tech brokerages and machine learning in finance, we are able to commoditize quantitative investing and trading to everyone with our unique AI driven technology.

We believe that investors and traders should spend more time on research rather than strategy execution.

Therefore, we have one mission - make quant investing finally simple.

Our Philosophy

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Since SharkSigma is in beta, it is available to a limited number of users and its capabilities will continue to change.